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The Camden City Schools Post Secondary Readiness and Career Technical Education courses are designed and implemented as programs that are student centered and academically challenging so that the students will be better prepared to make career decisions as they are getting ready to enter the world of work, post secondary education or the military. In order to accomplish our goals our students are provided with the knowledge of and skills to use current technology that is appropriate and aligned with nationally recognized organizations. Hence, providing our program completers of the approved occupational education programs industry recognized credentials and access to related post-secondary education and training. Increasing our students capacity to choose will enable them to earn marketable skills, prepare for first jobs in high skills, high-wage careers, and increase their opportunities for further education.
Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Camden High School
  • Alberta McMahan (Family & Consumer Science) Department Chairperson)
  • Michael Edwards (Fashion Design & Commercial Sewing)
  • Andrea Sclafford (Hotel Restaurant Management)
Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Ken Linden (Hotel Restaurant Management)
  • Beverly Kimbrough (Food & Nutrition)
  • Marilyn Sears (Fashion & Design)
Hotel Restaurant Management (5 credits & 10 credits)
This course is designed to prepare students for an entry level position in the Hospitality Industry or to help gain admission into a college level Hotel and Restaurant Management Program or a Culinary Arts Program in a community college or a professional school.
This course of study takes a management perspective in introducing the students to the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, cruise ships and casino hotels.
Students will work individually and in teams to develop competencies in the following operational and production areas: Front Office, Housekeeping, Security, Kitchen and Food Production, Sanitation & Safety, Dining Room and Kitchen Management, Customer Service, Purchasing and Receiving, Business and Math Skills, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Accounting, Laws & Regulations, Ethical Issues and Entrepreneurship.
Food Science & Nutrition (5 credits)
This course addresses the need to develop basic consumer skills for independent living & survival. It is designed to meet the need for integrating the continually changing scientific knowledge of nutrition with the practical use of nutritional principals. Further development of skills through experience in areas such as Wellness & Nutrition, Menu Planning, Table Setting and Food Preparation. Integrating academics core curriculum standards with Career & Technical Skills.
Fashion and Design (5 credit)
Designed to integrate knowledge, skills, and practices required for Careers in Fashion & Design. In addition, the course seeks to improve basic sewing skills, to further acquaint students in the principals of selecting clothing according to suitability, appropriateness and money availability, and to gain a better knowledge of materials available in today’s ethnological society.
Commercial Sewing (10 credits)
The purpose of this program is to help students develop an overall realization of the career opportunities available within the clothing industries. Class activities will help the students understand the need for meeting standards as they pertain to the quality and quantity of work performance. The development of desirable personal traits, positive attitudes towards the Work of Work and knowledge of requisite basic skills are all necessary for students to perform job requirements successfully. This course will allow students to learn how to use a computerized sewing machine. They will also be tested for certification. It is designed to develop the advanced skills needed for placement in the sewing industry, custom or wholesale, as well as in alteration departments.
Commercial Foods (10 credits)
The purpose of Commercial Foods is to provide students with experience in all areas of Food Preparation and Service. The Commercial Foods laboratory allows students to gain hands-on experience in many aspects of the Culinary Service Industry. It teaches students how to prepare, store, and present food to the public in an appealing, nutritious, and professional manner. As much as possible, this course will duplicate industry conditions, which will enable the students to make as easy transition from the classroom to the World of Work. Students will learn how to use the computer in this area. They will also be tested for certification.


Business and Technology
Business Department Camden High School
  • Carol Cowans (Department Chairperson)
  • Marguerite Hodges
  • Marcus Freeman
  • Geraldine Hobbs
  • Business Department Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Dominick Schiavone (Department Chairperson)
  • Walter Johnson
  • Eliza Pena
Office Systems - 5 credits
Course Description: Business Technology is a computer course designed to introduce and enhance various software tools using an integrated software windows program - Microsoft Suite for Windows. In this course the students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the basics of word processing, Access, Excel and Power Point. The students will use their skills to aggregate information to create Line, Pie, Bar, Stacked and 3-D charts, and reports. The students will also be able to use form/list screen to add records and fields to database files.
Cooperative Business - 15 credits
Course Description: The Business Co-op Program provides computer instruction and applications, office procedures and practices, along with the on-the-job work experience obtained by the students working at state approved work sites. The course provides training for computer competencies, basic office skills and knowledge of modern office procedures, technology and equipment. The Co-op Program is designed for 12th graders. Pre-requisites are at least two years of computer classes.
Law and Consumer Education - 5 credits
Course Description: A basic study of the law of contracts combined with economic principles and the common business practices that are essential for the wise management of one's personal affairs.
Accounting - 5 credits
Course Description: This Accounting course is designed specifically for those students who may be interested in accounting as a foundation for post-high school education in the related fields of Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, and Computer Programming. The complete accounting cycle will be covered.
Entrepreneurship - 5 credits
Course Description: The Entrepreneurship course is designed introduce the students to what is needed to start a simple business. Students will be able to prepare an income statement, understand marketing basic, perform cost/benefit analysis, and calculate return on investment. They will also develop an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how they can use their unique skills and talents to start a small business venture.
Industrial Arts
Industrial Arts Educational Department Woodrow Wilson High School
  • James Cosby, Technology (Automotive)
  • Jesus Burgos, Graphic Print (Xerox)
Technology (Graphic Print) - 5 credits
Course Description: The Graphic print course, which is a phase of Industrial Education, is designed to help students concern themselves with contemporary American industry. This phase includes industrial organization, materials, processes, products and occupations, and problems involving man and his technological society.
Technology (Drafting and Design) - 5 credits
Course Description: The Drafting and Design course, is a phase of Industrial Education that addresses construction and design. Its goal is to help students understand the American construction industry. This course includes industrial organization, materials, processes, products and occupations, and problems involving man and his technological society. Students will also use computer software (CAD).


Vocational Department Camden High School
  • Auto Body – Daniel Riley
  • Daniel R. Montes, Automotive Technology / Department Chairperson (856)968-7741
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) – Albert Beltre
  • Computer Repair – Lawrence Hurley
  • Cosmetology – Judy Wright
  • Electrical Occupations – Tom DePaul, Jr.
  • Graphic/ Print – Jennell McRae
  • Construction Trades - Benjamin Kruse
Vocational Department Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Cisco - Giovanni Hatter
  • Construction Trades - Harry Drake
  • Computer Aided Drafting - Carlos Castro
Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing - 10 credits
(N.A.T.E.F. Certified)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students with entry-level skills in the automotive collision and refinishing field. Students will be working on "live" repair work while receiving training in the use of computer equipment and software materials in this area. This course is designed to provide an entry-level technological learning environment for students aspiring to become auto collision technicians. Students are tested and presented with a certificate upon completion and have the opportunity to go into the workforce or to attend a two-year technical college program. The N.A.T.E.F. certified Camden Auto Body is the only approved comprehensive high school collision program in south Jersey.
Automotive Technology - 10 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this course is to provide students with the Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE), aligned entry-level skills necessary for employment in the automotive technical field.
The focus will be on Brake systems and Electrical - Electronic Components. We also cover ASE tasks and competencies in the areas of Engine Performance, Suspension and Steering. Students will practice safety, refine their manipulative skills, expand on related math and science information, discuss the job interview process and augment the technological skills necessary for post secondary education or entry-level employment
Construction Trades - 10 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students with nationally recognized skills providing an emphasis in framing, sheathing, flooring, masonry, footings, foundations, block and brick laying. The instructional program also includes the use of a variety of hand and power tools as well as the needed entry-level skills for employment in the building trades field. Students will also experience the use of computer aided drafting pertaining to floor plans and wiring diagrams.
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) - 10 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The CAD course is designed to provide a learning experience for students aspiring to pursue a career in computer aided drafting. Students will have the opportunity to become familiar with drafting technology, terminology, and hands-on experience with the Auto Cad software and Robotics.
CAD uses motivational and instructional techniques that develop each student’s problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership abilities. These skills prepare students to think strategically and provide a solid foundation for entering college.
Become an engineer, graphic designer, architect, industrial arts designer, game designer, computer animator, interior decorator, computer graphic (CG) designer, etc.
Join the millions of job opportunities in the Computer Aided Design industry.
Computer Technology and Repair - 10 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the Computer Technology and Repair class. This course prepares students for the A+ Certification exam, which is an industry-sponsored test that establishes a benchmark level of knowledge and competency expected of computer service technicians who are in entry-level positions. A+ Certification also serves as the foundation for computer service professionals who are pursuing other valuable industry certifications, such as the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), Network +, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).
While preparing for the A+ Certification exam, students will gain a comprehensive knowledge base in PC hardware and Windows operating systems, networking basics, printers, and customer service. This is a Participatory course which means, that in order to learn you must participate in all assignments. Hands-on labs also will provide the opportunity for students to enhance their skills in assembling, disassembling, servicing, troubleshooting, and upgrading PC systems. Upon completion of this course, they will also know the basics of building a Windows 2000 network.
Prerequisites for the Two-Block Period: FAMILIARITY WITH PC HARDWARE (component assembly and disassembly, troubleshooting, and basic repair) as well as FAMILIARITY WITH PC OPERATING SYSTEMS INSTALLATION AND BASIC OPERATION (Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, 2007, XP) is required to be successful in this class.
Cooperative Education - 15 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The School to Career initiative improves learning by creating innovative school-based, work-based and community-based activities. It motivates students by providing them with rigorous on the job training. It encourages a student's in-depth exploration of many careers and industries. It helps students bridge the gap between secondary school and institutions of higher learning and future careers.
Through the Cooperative Education Initiative:
  • Classroom studies explore major industries such as business, technology, media and communications, health care, public service and education.
  • Students may participate In jobs and internships with local employers and in service learning projects in the community.
  • Students explore personal and career interests by participating in such programs as VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs America And Skills USA.
  • Students learn about college and career opportunities through formal career assessment and research and through direct experience in internships, community service projects and job shadowing days; through hearing from guest classroom speakers, visiting local colleges, and more.
All School to Career activities, even those that focus on particular industries, are designed to prepare students for higher education and employment in any industry or occupation. The job market of the twenty-first century will bring many new job opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the School to Career Initiative helps students to build the skills and competencies, educational credentials, motivation and confidence that will help them succeed in any educational or career pathway.
Graphic / Print Communication - 10 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course prepares students for careers in the Print Communications industry. Partnering with the Xerox Corporation, each student receives “hands-on” instruction in project layout and design specification, proof preparation, digital printing requirement, along with finishing and bindery methods. Students will gain experience in the creation, arrangement and assembly designed for different forms of print media, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures and programs.
Special emphasis will be focused on introducing students to the new technology of computer preflight operations and digital production. Using high-tech workstations, operating on both the Macintosh and PC platforms, each student will gain knowledge utilizing the following software applications: Adobe PageMaker for layouts and design, Adobe Illustrator for vector imagery and Adobe Photoshop for raster design. Students will gain intensified learning on two of the leading digital production units, including the Xerox DocuText 6100 for black and white production and the Xerox DocuColor 5252 for process color development. Advanced students will have the opportunity to receive a Xerox- approved certification in graphic design and the possibility to intern in a vast of employment prospects. This course is also designed to enable students to evaluate their potential for success in the advanced courses in Graphic /Print Communication.
Cosmetology - 5 credits
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Cosmetology course is designed to provide students with the ability to understand and apply various techniques and/or concepts of cosmetology. These include a creative flair for adapting styles to suit individual customers, the ability to relate to people at all levels, the ability to perceive differences in color and in forms, eye and hand coordination, finger dexterity, and physical stamina.
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