CAMcare Pediatrics Transitions to Telemedicine

CAMcare Pediatrics Transitions to Telemedicine

In order to continue services during the COVID 19 pandemic, CAMcare has instituted telemedicine. Telemedicine allows for the parent/patient and physician or nurse practitioner to have an appointment which is conducted virtually. These appointment can be used to discuss any issues, prescriptions, referrals, etc. If the patient must be physically seen that decision is made by the physician or nurse practitioner. CAMcare will continue to have after hours services with an "on call" physician who can answer emergency questions.

Below are steps for contacting CAMcare for appointments.

Telemedicine through CAMcare

1. Parent calls CAMcare to schedule a telemedicine appointment at 856-583-2400. 

2. Parent gives a working cell phone number and email address (if they have one).

3. An appointment is made for the patient with a specific date and time. 

4. Parent receives a link via email or text (depending on preference). 

5. CAMcare will call parent to "register" the patient (insurance questions)

6. At the appointed time parent "clicks" on the link to initiate the call (it has to come from the parent/patient)-there is no "download"

7. Parent needs to allow for microphone and camera use

8. Parent puts in name of the CHILD

9. The physician or nurse practitioner then can start the call.

10. The child must be with the parent so we can see the child and conduct the visit. 



· CAMcare will still conduct appointments via telephone in the event, the parent does not have a smart phone or computer.

· If the parent has an existing in-person appointment, call CAMCare to reschedule as a telemedicine visit. 


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