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To be eligible for a school uniform voucher the child’s parent/guardian must be receiving benefits and/or meet the income guidelines.

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Camden City School District believes that wearing uniforms provides several benefits that are all linked to student achievement. Research indicates that students are on equal social footing, maximizes instructional time and removes much of the extra unnecessary time school staff must spend on non-instructional time.

It is the policy of the Camden City School District for students to wear standardized uniforms in their school. A standardized uniform consists of a shirt/blouse, pants/skirt and shoes as identified by the individual school as the official uniform.

Money is available to assist your school. The Business Office will generate a purchase order for uniforms with A-1 Uniform City at 721 Broadway for students who are elgible for assistance. Eligible families and students may take their voucher to obtain a uniform. Remember, only two school uniform tops and two school uniform bottoms per student (color appropriate for the particular school), for a total cost not to exceed $56.00


1. The Business Office will mail out information to all schools regarding school uniform vouchers, no later than August 5, 2019. The first week of school will be a grace period, by the beginning of the second week of school it is expected all students will be in uniform.

2. The Division of Communications will communicate the uniform voucher information process on the district’s website and other social media by August 9, 2019.

3. The Operations Manager/Principal will distribute the applications and other pertinent information to parents who visit the school and request a uniform voucher.

4. Parents are required to submit all completed forms and back-up documentation to their child’s school by August 16, 2019.

5. The the following documentation should be attached to the application:

a. A valid photo identitification

b. Letter from the agency receiving benefits such as, public assistance (welfare), food stamps, unemployment, social security/disability or

c. Two current paystubs (two consecutive weeks)

6. When determing who is eligible to receive a uniform voucher, please use the attached income eligibility chart guidelines. "Household Income"means the total amount received by all adults living in the household in which the children reside".

7. The Operations Manager/Principal should review and process all requests to determine who is elgible for a uniform voucher no later than August 20, 2019.

8. Please maintain the original application and back-up documentation filed in the main office for audit purposes.

9. The Operations Manager/Principal will submit ONLY the tracker in excel form with a list of students eligible to receive a uniform voucher to

10. The Business Office will issue vouchers to all schools no later than August 23, 2018.


Parents will continue to obtain information for a uniform voucher through their child’s school. The procedures are the same as above. Uniform vouchers will be distributed to the schools every Wednesday until monies have been exhausted from each school’s account.

For emergency situations, uniform vouchers will be available through the Solution Center. The same documentation and requirements apply when requesting a uniform voucher as an emergency.

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